MobileReporter won the News Innovation Contest 2012 organized by the International Press Institute and got seed funding from Google 


MobileReporter is a collaboration and co-creation platform from journalists for journalists providing original journalism. As a non-profit network organization it enables journalists to collaborate and work as producers of science based public information serving the European public sphere and civil society. As a cooperative society MobileReporter (MR) fosters cross border collaborations of science journalists, covering the world’s most pressing and often under-reported issues, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thereby contributing to evidence based public knowledge for reasonable decisions of citizens and decisions makers.

MobileReporter enables journalists with state of the art collaboration technology and skills for in-depth investigations across borders. Generally speaking MR enhances four main functions: 1. Collaborative content co-creation: science journalists are building teams across borders, collaborating in knowledge intensive projects and contributing their expertise in covering evidence-based knowledge and latest research results, thereby joining forces with journalists across diciplines: data driven, investigative reporters across borders. 2. Publishing, syndication, income generation by co-publishing via widget to media partner organizations. 3. Community-citizen engagement via platform and social media channels to reach out and engage current and new audiences 4. Mutual learning- education: training, webinars for digitally enhanced collaborative journalism.

MobileReporter empowers journalists with the their capacity to co-create quality journalism to serve society as reporters and producers of original journalism. In an increasingly interconnected society MobileReporter enhances the ability of journalists to collaborate, co-create, crowdsource and syndicate their content and reach out and engage existing and new audiences. Journalists are encouraged to join forces, mutually learn, enhance their skills and knowledge and use state of the art collaboration technology, including social media tools in their reporting. By reaching out and syndicating their content to traditional and new media organizations based tools which allow to incorporate the content on digital platforms, MobileReporter contributes to an evolutionary development of science journalists, collaborating in teams, and enhancing their capacity to co-create best available public knowledge, serve the European public sphere, democracy, humanity and the environment.


Stefano Valentino, Dino Trescher
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Italy Office: Viale Etiopia 15 - 00199 | Tel.: +32 477 990238
Germany Office: Kärntener Straße 25 - 10827 Berlin | Tel.: +49 172 9003372
Internet address: www.mobilereporter.info
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